Contract Disputes

Under Louisiana law, a contract is the law between the parties. Thus, it is important to understand your construction contract. Almost all construction disputes arise out of a construction contract, at least in part. The terms of the contract will govern the dispute, except in limited circumstances. Thus, there are several important provisions to know and understand in your construction contract in the commercial building arena. The contractual provisions of claims, notice, delays, liquidated damages, dispute resolution, payment, and termination are just a few examples of construction contract disputes that are important to know and understand.

Contract disputes may be litigated, arbitrated, and/or mediated, depending on what the contract provides for in the way of dispute resolution methods. The attorneys at Shields Law Partners LLP are well versed in all of these arenas to resolve your construction contract dispute.

Know your contract. Often your construction contract dispute may live or die based on your contract terms.

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