Contract Drafting

Almost all construction industry disputes arise out of and involve a construction contract, in one way or another.  The attorneys at Shields Law Partners are well-versed in assisting with contract drafting and editing so that some or all of a construction contract dispute may be avoided down the road. Our comprehensive construction litigation experience teaches much in the drafting of contracts. Although not always applicable in the public sector due to the Louisiana Public Bid Law, privately-owned construction projects may have room for negotiation in their contracts.

Contract negotiating and drafting is a crucial part of commercial building contracts. It is important for construction industry professionals to know and understand all of a contract’s terms and conditions. This is true at all phases of a project: before the contract is signed, during contract performance, and after the contract is complete. All too often a construction claim or dispute may be lost before a lawsuit is even filed because of the contract terms.

Many construction contracts originate from boilerplate forms like the AIA A101 form, along with the AIA A201 general conditions form. However, these boilerplate forms may be modified. The attorneys at Shields Law Partners can offer assistance in the contract drafting stages to attempt to lessen the onerous provisions in a construction contract, as well as bolster the lenient provisions. And, even if your contract has already been executed, it is important to seek legal advice to understand the limitations and benefits of your contract so that disputes may possibly be avoided.

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