Employment Discrimination

Have you been accused of race discrimination? Gender discrimination? Sex Harassment?

If an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charge or a lawsuit alleges discrimination, employers need experienced employment law assistance. Shields Law Partners offers a full range of expertise in defending against discrimination claims in administrative proceedings before the EEOC, in either bench trials or jury trials in court including class actions and in arbitrations. We understand the affect of being accused of wrongdoing differs from client to client, but even the smallest employer needs experienced counsel when confronting these allegations. We have years of experience in crafting the defenses best suited to the specific allegations presented as well as the specific strengths of our clients. Our trial experience includes representation of employers engaged in construction, healthcare, technology, chemical manufacturing, hospitality, education, and retail.

In addition to handling litigation needs, we also engage in pro-active assisting of employers in designing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the legal requirements of the various statutes governing employment. We work together with our clients to minimize the prospects of litigation, while at the same time seeking to provide the policy and procedure foundation for defending our clients decisions when they are challenged. We also provide training assistance for employers in lawfully managing their human resource capital to achieve legitimate goals of their businesses.

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