Wage/Hour Compliance under the Fair Labor Standards Act, Compensation, Employment Agreements

Shields Law Partners offers a full range of expertise and advice for compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. We assist employers in defending administrative and judicial trials, and collective action litigation involving claims of unpaid overtime and minimum wage violations. Recent years have seen an expansion of wage/hour litigation, both individual claims and collective action. The Department of Labor is conducting more investigations. When they show up, we will stand with you. Employers have a responsibility to cooperate with an investigation, and we know how to advise you to do that without sacrificing your rights. We will work with you to limit the scope of any investigation, and to minimize exposure. If the investigation results in a claim that an employer owes money, we will evaluate the claim and recommend a response, which can include a zealous but professional assertion of any defenses the employer may have.

We also provide assistance in drafting and enforcing employment contracts, non-competition agreements, unfair trade practice advice and litigation concerning each of these specific areas of law. Louisiana has an exacting statutory requirement for the prompt payment of wages, and a prohibition upon the forfeiture of wages earned. Often employers unwittingly violate these requirements when terminating employees. We assist in ensuring employers comply with these Louisiana-specific requirements. Shields Law Partners also assists employers with the development of compliant policies and compensation plans that are both effective and lawful. We perform audits for clients to identify problem areas and apply compliance solutions before legal challenges arise. The employer’s best defense is a periodic review to ensure its policies and practices are in compliance with current rules and regulations.

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