Owners & Developers

Shields Law Partners represents owners and developers in construction law and construction litigation, including Design and Construction Defects, Professional Liability Claims, Land Use and Zoning, Development Assistance, Lost Revenue and Recovery of Damages.

Owners & Developers Representation

Represented synagogue in preparation of all architectural and construction documents for major renovation of historic facility.

Represented owner of a condominium unit which had moisture intrusion and mold issues that were undisclosed at the time of sale as the result of insufficient design and construction of the roof structure. Case included major loss-of-use issues.

Represented an owner of historic French Quarter warehouse being developed into condominium building after being vacant for decades.  Zoning issues included height variances for an elevator penthouse.

Represented an owner of a large mixed-use development plagued with design and construction defects resulting in mold, damage to the building envelope, foundation problems, and a host of other issues.

Represented owner/developer converting a school to an apartment/condominium complex related to payment for construction services. Case included issues related to lien periods and the substantial completion of a project when the owner performed certain work outside of the general contractor’s scope of work.

Represented developer of high-rise hotel which had multiple engineering design errors and omissions for failing to comply with local building codes. Case included claims against the architect and engineer for additional construction costs and professional liability claims against designers’ insurers, as well as claims for lost revenue due to delayed hotel opening after start of football season.

Represented private club to recover damages from contractor and designer for water intrusion caused by deficient windows arising from construction of a new club facility.

Represented hazardous material testing company to recover unpaid amounts on a project to demolish public housing.

Represented owner to recover damages to a mid-size commercial building for water intrusion caused by stucco, windows, and other construction and design deficiencies.

Represented owner to recover damages from a flooring contractor for deficient wood floor installation.

Represented owners in successful defense to OSHA allegations.

Represented insurance company owner in multi-party litigation regarding defective elastomeric roof over company’s headquarters building.

Represented homeowner to recover damages caused by contractor related to razing the home with federal grant funds.

Represented homeowner against home inspector to recover damages incurred to repair deficiencies that the inspector did not identify.

Defended a property owner in a noise case. The issues included noise testing, noise abatement systems, and acceptable noise standard issues.

Defended commercial real estate owner against Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) claims.

Defended condominium association against claims by one unit owner to take possession and control of condominium association-owned property.

Defended horse racetrack owner against general contractor’s payment claims and pursued defective work claims against general contractor, regarding defective race course surface.

Defended owner against qui tam claim involving construction projects.

Provided zoning and permitting advice to owner of facility enjoying nonconforming use status.

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