Shields Law Partners is not limited in its representation or defense.  We have represented individual owners as well as multi-national corporations from contract disputes to multi-district litigation involving Construction Law, Construction Litigation, and Surety Law.

Specialty Representation

Represented parking service provider in RFP award against the City of New Orleans.

Represented material supplier to overcome a closed specification on a public bid and allow the supplier’s product to be used on the project.

Represented university in action brought by Department of Justice under the federal False Claims Act to finding of no liability.

Represented equipment lessor on a major mixed-use construction project related to payment for rental equipment and damage to equipment. Case included issues related to substantial completion and the partial completion of the project by building.

Represented recipient of FEMA funds in FEMA audit.

Represented various drywall installers in Chinese Dry Wall Multi-District Litigation in federal court (Eastern District of Louisiana).

Represented shoring company before the Louisiana Legislature to recover additional amounts under a state-funded project.

Represented university in dispute with Department of Justice concerning Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) barriers on college campus.  Case included negotiation over work to be performed on campus regarding ADA requirements.

Provided advice to civil engineering firm regarding potential encroachment of public structure on private land.

Represented various parties in claims involving building fire safety sprinkler systems.

Represented surrounding neighbors in zoning matter to stop illegal commercial use.

Represented municipality in stopping large non-conforming use from expanding in contravention of zoning laws.

Represented churches through the columnbarium licensing process.

Defended concrete crushing company against trespass claims in a possessory action.

Defended franchisee against franchisor’s breach of franchise agreement claims.

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