Shields Law Partners represents and defends subcontractors in Construction Law, including contract disputes, terminations and delay and acceleration claims, payment for work performed, bond claims, recovery of damages, work schedule disputes, defective work, multi-party indemnity actions and payment claims.

Subcontractor Representation

Represented electrical subcontractor against owner’s claims of construction defects on certain modifications on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.  Worked with professional engineer to demonstrate that the alleged deficiencies were complex ferroresonance issues related to the unique nature of the project and incongruent activities on the north and south shores of the project which were not considered in the design of the Project.

Represented subcontractor related to warranty work claims on construction of a public housing project. Case included major design versus construction defects.

Represented several subcontractors on hospital projects related to payment for work performed. Case included payment of major change orders and delays caused by the failure of the general contractor to properly schedule and sequence the work.

Represented several subcontractors on airport construction projects related to payment for work performed. Cases included major delay and liquidated damages issues.

Represented several subcontractors on school projects related to payment for work performed. Cases included prompt payment violations, damage to work performed, and scheduling issues.

Represented multiple subcontractors in a concursus proceeding to recover contract payments on a public project after the general contractor defaulted.

Represented landscape subcontractor on payment bond claim on commercial project – – coordinated with general contractor to pressure owner to make payment without need for litigation.

Represented fence subcontractor on a payment bond claim to receive payment from the general contractor.

Represented framing subcontractor to recover money for additional work on a public school project.

Represented electrical subcontractor in payment bond claim, and defended against defective work claim, on a large federal military project.

Represented sheet metal subcontractor on multiple payment bond claims concerning mid-size commercial projects.

Recovered amounts owed to a subcontractor from a defaulted general contractor on a new school project.

Represented demolition subcontractor to recover damages from a prime contractor on a public services contract.

Represented mechanical subcontractor during construction to document potential claims and ensure timely payment by general contractor on a commercial project.

Represented electrical subcontractor to recover unpaid contract funds on a small commercial project.

Represented waterproofing subcontractor to recover unpaid contract funds on a large condominium project.

Represented large subcontractor to recover unpaid amounts on a large petrochemical plant construction project.

Defended glass curtain wall subcontractor on claim by airport authority for defective work.

Defended electrical subcontractor in a multi-party indemnity action by the general contractor on a multi-million dollar safe-house project.

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