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Shields Law Partners’ Intellectual Property attorneys includes registered patent attorneys who help clients protect their rights and obtain the issuance of United States patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Qualifying as a member of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent Bar requires a technical (e.g., engineering or architecture) undergraduate degree, which both Sonny Shields has earned. Sonny has been a member of the Patent Bar for 30 years.

Our patent attorneys offer a wide variety of experience prosecuting applications in various technical areas, including biotechnology, industrial arts, medical devices, mechanical devices, jewelry, software technologies and apps, and numerous consumer goods.

Patent Litigation

Whether pursuing infringement claims or defending infringement claims, the attorneys at Shields Law Partners know how to help.  When inventors and owners of patents discover that their patents are infringed, they are often wondering what to do.  Here at Shields Law Partners, we can take the actions necessary to protect your rights and obtain relief.

Sometimes, businesses and individuals may find themselves having to defend claims of patent infringement.  It is important that such claims are taken serious and defended correctly.  The attorneys at Shields Law Partners have defended patent infringement claims and know how to protect against infringement claims.

When a patent owner discovers infringement, they have few options – one being the pursuit of court intervention to force the infringer to stop.  While large settlements have been obtained from patent infringement, patent infringement can be very expensive and often is a lengthy process.  Our intellectual property attorneys are experienced at aggressively pursuing infringers and obtaining resolution.  Patent litigation will be resolved favorably for those with the experience to navigate the complexities of not only the technical aspect of the patent but also the nuances associated with patent litigation. Infringers will likely contest the validity of the patent and take all available action to invalidate the patent. The firm’s experience in the prosecution of numerous patents in a range of various technologies (biotechnology, arts, medical devices, jewelry, software technologies, apps, and consumer goods) before the United States Patent and Trademark Office provides the necessary background to challenge and defeat the various defenses asserted by infringers.

We strive to provide a successful and efficient strategy for all matters while focusing on maximizing recovery in the best interests of the client. Our team is committed to providing exceptional client service and added value as we help clients meet their goals.

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