The trademark attorneys of Shields Law Partners have decades of experience helping clients protect one of the most important intellectual property assets a company owns—the valuable goodwill built up in its trademark or service mark. Because strong brand recognition is an invaluable business asset, we counsel and represent clients at every stage of trademark protection.

From the beginning our attorneys guide clients through the process of registering and protecting their trademark, assessing and advising on the availability of a mark, and offering solutions when a mark already exists or similar issues arise. We also prepare the necessary applications for registration and handle any challenges from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Shields Law Partners trademark team also routinely prepares a wide range of trademark-related contracts, including licenses, co-existence agreements, and settlement agreements.

In addition, Shields Law Partners engages in strong policing efforts to provide clients ongoing protection of registered trademarks. However, if litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys have the expertise and resources to prosecute and defend our clients’ trademark rights in actions before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and in courts throughout the United States.

Our trademark attorneys prepare, prosecute, and maintain trademark applications and registrations in the United States and abroad.

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