Federal Court

Litigation in federal court requires special skills and experience. The temperament and pace of litigation in federal court is generally different from that in state court. By this nature, federal cases involve significant financial stakes or complex federal law issues. At Shields Law Partners, our federal court litigators have both the substantive knowledge and technical skills required for success in federal litigation. Our surety and construction, employment, and intellectual property lawyers represent clients in federal district and appellate courts on a consistent basis.

Federal court cases generally move faster than Louisiana state court cases and many times cases will go to trial within a year of the lawsuit filing. Also, many times, fast-paced motion practice is more prevalent in federal court than it is in state court and cases can be resolved through motion practice. Our experienced attorneys have successfully litigated many cases in both Louisiana and out-of-state federal courts, winning cases both at trial and through summary judgment motions. Also, our experience in alternative resolution practice becomes very helpful in federal court as many cases are mediated through a federal court magistrate.

The attorneys at Shields Law Partners have decades of combined experience in handling cases in federal court. Shields Law Partners lawyers have represented clients in the three judicial districts in Louisiana (Eastern, Middle, and Western) and in states across the country including, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, and New York. Our experience and breadth of knowledge allows us to sit down with our clients facing the prospect of federal litigation and evaluate the issues, map out and execute a strategy aimed at achieving significant and beneficial results in an economical and efficient manner.

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