Payment Bond Claims

Payment bonds financially guarantee that subcontractors, laborers, and materialmen will be paid for the services and materials they furnish to construction projects.  Claims against a contractor’s payment bond often come at a fast and furious pace, requiring immediate action. Shields | Mott lawyers boast decades of experience litigating, arbitrating, and negotiating payment bond claims throughout Louisiana and the Southeast region. We routinely present and publish on payment bond topics and advise sureties and contractors about the latest judicial interpretations of payment bond contracts, as well as the requirements of the Louisiana Public and Private Works Acts, the Louisiana Prompt Pay Act, and the federal Miller Act. Our lawyers’ knowledge of the technical aspects of construction makes us better able to protect the interests of our clients in:

  • Payment bond contract negotiations
  • Modifying standard-form payment bond documents, including the AIA A312-201 form
  • Recording liens to secure payment for project work
  • Making and defending against payment bond claims
  • Analyzing whether bond rights have been waived by principals, obligees, subcontractors, laborers, or materialmen
  • Obtaining lien bonds
  • Negotiating, litigating, and resolving construction indemnity disputes

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